Privacy Policy

The scope of this Regulation is: The Processing of Personal Data.

This Regulation covers the processing of personal data of employees, trainees, candidates, clients and suppliers (natural persons).

1. Scope of Application.
The Company complies with the legal rules on the protection of the personal data of its employees, job applicants, trainees, clients and suppliers (natural persons), in particular those arising from national legal provisions and resolutions of the National Data Protection Commission.

2. Employees’ personal data
The processing of employees’ personal data, within the scope of the employment relationship, stems on the one hand from the contractual content and on the other from compliance with legal obligations before the AT, Social Security, ACT and other official entities.
The processing of employees’ personal data is reserved solely for the data controller designated at any given time and with limited access duly justified under the terms of the law and, in any case, safeguarding confidentiality.
At any time, employees may, at their request, access their protected data and ask for it to be amended or corrected if it is inaccurate or incomplete.
In accordance with the law, employees have the right to information, access and opposition to the processing of their personal data. In order to exercise these rights of access and objection, they must submit a written request for information.